Vox Libre has worked as an open format dj for 15 years. He as played at clubs like Corner House, Nameless, Nubar and Carnival Court to name a few;

Also at festivals like Rezonance, Synergy, Vortex, Neverland and has done extensive work with Gear House South-Africa and Sexpo, Cape Town and private funtions.

Vox Libre is brilliant at playing anything from techno, 80’s, 90’s, commercial, deep house, EDM, pure trance and psytrance to name a few genres.

Vox Libre studied sound engineering at Cape Audio College where he won best student. He is also an events organizer and proud owner of Pulse Trance events and Pulp Fiction events unders Vox Libre Productions.

His successful career has put him on the list of top dj’s in South Africa. He also collaborates with his wife, Silver Girl, at house parties where she adds violin. Vox Libre also works as a fine artist, Gerhard Laubser, and family of Maggie Laubser.